Success Counseling - Milford


Success Counseling is available for students on our Milford Campus. You will be referred to the success counselor by your academic advisor and/or CARE team members if they feel it would help you with your academic success or general wellbeing. 

While there are similarities between Success Counseling and visiting a therapist, the success counselor uses a short-term approach to help you focus on skill building sessions for academic and general wellbeing related needs. In Success Counseling, you will have access to an advocate who will help you problem-solve and connect you to the campus and community resources you need to thrive on campus. This may include working closely with you and CAPS staff to determine if long-term therapy will help you achieve your goals. 

While we encourage you to make an appointment with the success counselor, we understand sometimes we all need a place to go when our feelings or needs are overwhelming. You can stop by the Success Counseling Office for a safe place to express your concerns and get support. Please call our office or consult the success counselor's bookings page prior to stopping by to make sure they are available. If you are in an immediate mental health crisis, please call 988 or visit

Success counselors are covered by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 restirctions, therefore their conversations with you are private but not as confidential as conversations with a therapist or healthcare provider. Success counselors only share information on a need-to-know basis when connecting students to resources they may need. This allows us to speak with your academic advisor, financial aid counselor or other SCC officials on your behalf. 

However, under FERPA, success counselors cannot share any of your information with anyone who is not a SCC employee, including parents, without your written permission. 


Sydney Paige, M.Ed.
Success Counselor
Office: ETC-298E
Phone: 402-761-8380