Accommodations Resource Office

Accommodations Resource Office

SCC provides reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities to ensure access to educational programs and services.

Any student with a documented disability or interest in learning more about accommodations at SCC can contact the Accommodations Resource Office to discuss the accommodation process and their eligibility for accommodations. Students who are requesting an accommodation based on a documented disability are advised to make the request known as soon as possible to ensure timely service.

Lincoln Campus

Carlie Christiansen
Accommodations Resource Advisor

Amanda Stratman
Director of Student Accommodations

Beatrice & Milford Campus

Melinda Lewandowski
Accommodations Resource Advisor

Services for Students Receiving Accommodations

Southeast Community College (SCC) desires to create an accessible community where individuals with disabilities have an equal opportunity to pursue their educational goals, limited only by their abilities, not their disabilities. To this end, the college will:

  • Provide direct, reasonable accommodations and support services for individuals with disabilities.
  • Encourage self-determination, independence, and personal responsibility for students with disabilities.
  • Provide resources, advocacy, collaborative services, and outreach throughout the College community.
  • Promote an open and welcoming environment around campus for individuals with disabilities.
  • Inform and educate the Southeast Community College community about disability-related laws, rules, regulations and policies.

Requesting Accommodations

Please complete the Student Request for Reasonable Accommodations form (PDF) and call, email, or mail it to the contact information listed on this page. You will then be contacted by someone from the Accommodations Resource Office to discuss the accommodation process or your specific accommodation needs. Please indicate the most convenient manner with which you would like to be contacted. Students can contact the Accommodations Resource Office at any time before, during, or after an SCC term.

  1. We will need students to fill out a request for accommodations (PDF).
  2. We will need documentation from a qualified provider. This could include the following:
    1. MDT & IEP from your high school.
    2. 504 Plan and supporting documentation from your high school.
    3. Signed letter from a qualified provider stating your diagnosis.
  3. Please reach out to us once you have this information, so we can talk about how our office can support you.

If you have already met with an Accommodations Office Advisor to set up accommodations, you can renew your accommodations at any time.

  • Send us an email and let us know you are registered for classes, and you need us to send out your accommodations.

Southeast Community College recognizes the importance of providing reasonable accommodations in its residence halls, where necessary for individuals with disabilities to use and enjoy College housing. Requests for housing accommodations should be submitted at least 60 days prior to move–in. We will review and consider all requests that come in, however, we cannot guarantee that an accommodation can be provided if received fewer than 60 days prior to move-in.

If students have any questions about what is needed to request an accommodation for housing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to The Accommodations Resource Advisor for their campus! Contact information for the Accommodations Resource Advisor on your campus can be found above.

Assistance Animal Requests
Students who are currently working with a mental health professional, and have an assistance animal as part of their treatment plan should contact the Accommodations Resource Advisor on their campus to schedule a meeting. During this meeting, students will be provided with the appropriate documents and learn more about the request process for an assistance animal in residence halls. (Please note: this process differs slightly from other housing requests and does require a meeting to obtain the appropriate request form).

All Other Housing Accommodation Requests
For all other housing accommodation requests, students will fill out the Reasonable Accommodations Request Form, and email this to the Accommodations Resource Advisor on their campus. In most situations, students will also need to submit documentation of their disability from a qualified professional (Physician, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Mental Health Professional, or Health Care Provider). Once the request form is received, the Accommodations Advisor will reach out to schedule a meeting to discuss the request.

Students who have previously had accommodations approved, can renew their accommodations for the next term. Please reach out to the Accommodations Resource Advisor on your campus if you will need the same accommodation for the next term.

For more information about reasonable accommodations at SCC, please visit Reasonable Accommodations at SCC.

Accommodations are also available for online classes. Any student with a documented disability or that is wanting to learn more about accommodations for an online class at SCC can follow the same process described under the “Requesting Accommodations” section on this page.

Information on parking at SCC, including accessible parking, may be found at this link: Parking at SCC.

If a student believes that an accommodation(s) is ineffective or that they have been denied equal access to appropriate accommodations, modifications, auxiliary aids, or effective communication, and efforts to resolve the issues are unsuccessful, a student may file a complaint. Students are encouraged to seek resolution of their concerns through their campus Accommodations Resource Office. Students may use the College’s accommodations concerns procedure to appeal decisions regarding student accommodations, and may do so without first going through the College’s informal grievance process.

For concerns or grievances related to Accommodations, please contact:

Beatrice Campus, Nebraska City & Falls City Learning Centers:
Toni Landenberger
Dean of Students/Assistant Campus Director

Lincoln Campuses, Plattsmouth & Wahoo Learning Centers:
Eric Small
Dean of Students/Assistant Athletic Director

Milford Campus, York & Hebron Learning Centers:
Theresa Webster
Assistant Campus Director/Dean of Students

Accommodations Resource Office: