Student Senate

Student Senate

Student Senate is the student governing body of the campus, acting in an advisory capacity and representing students in the College planning and decision-making process. Each SCC campus - Beatrice, Lincoln and Milford - has a Student Senate. The president of the Student Senate is a non-voting member of the SCC Board of Governors. The student Board member helps present student issues and enables positive communication among the students, the administration and the Board of Governors. Student Senate discusses safety issues around campus such as crosswalks, signage and speeding on campus as well as issues pertaining to the betterment of the student body.

Beatrice Campus

The Senate plans all campus activities for the term based on student interest.

Beatrice Campus
Beatrice Campus

A number of Student Senate activities take place on campus, including:

      • Weeks of Welcome (WOW) events each term.
      • Pink Night at the Beatrice Campus. This is held at a home volleyball match and a home basketball game. Prizes are distributed to the crowd, and Senators usually dress in all pink attire.
      • Trips to local attractions and events such Roca Berry Farm, Lincoln Zoo, and Husker baseball games.
      • Community service projects such as blood drives and food pantry drives.
      • Health and wellness activities such as awareness days for breast cancer, AIDS, skin cancer, cholesterol, and sexually-transmitted diseases; the Great American Smoke Out; sexual assault and domestic violence awareness activities, and events during Alcohol Awareness Week.
      • Events for Student Appreciation Week during Community College Month.
      • Movie nights.
      • Ice skating.
      • Treat days.
      • Speakers and performers.
      • Casino night.
      • Intramurals such as basketball, volleyball, flag football, disc golf, sand volleyball, pool, ping pong and dodgeball.
      • Finals week activities such as relaxation days and comfort dogs.

Persons wanting more information on Student Senate are asked to contact the Student Life Coordinator on their campus.