Bobcat text

We are SCC. We are Bobcats.

Bobcats are representative of the region and known for their speed, agility and stealthiness. They are hunters who can adapt to changing environments, representing the Southeast Community College culture and its adaptability. Bobcats show great determination and resilience, like the students, programs and athletic teams at SCC. 

SCC competes in the National Junior College Athletic Association in the following sports: 

  • Baseball (Men, Beatrice Campus)
  • Basketball (Men & Women, Lincoln Campus)
  • Cross Country (Men & Women, Lincoln Campus)
  • Esports (Coed, All Campuses)
  • Golf (Men & Women, Beatrice Campus)
  • Rodeo (Coed, Beatrice Campus)
  • Shooting Sports (Men & Women, Beatrice Campus)
  • Soccer (Men & Women, Beatrice Campus)
  • Softball (Women, Beatrice Campus)
  • Track and Field (Men & Women, Lincoln Campus)
  • Volleyball (Women, Beatrice Campus)
  • Wrestling (Men & Women, Beatrice Campus)


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