Student Code of Conduct

Philosophy of Student Conduct

The mission of Student Affairs and Conduct is to provide students with clear expectations of conduct; consistent processes when expectations are not met; and interventions and programming that promotes the development of moral and social growth as well as ethical decision-making skills.

A community exists on the basis of shared values and principles. At SCC, all students enrolled are expected to conduct themselves as good citizens of an educational community.  Students are expected to obey the laws of the local and state jurisdiction and the college rules and regulations.  These standards are embodied within a set of core values that include demonstrating accountability, integrity and respect for others; pursuing excellence in fulfilling responsibilities; being honest, kind and compassionate; and adhering to the principles of diversity.

Students of SCC are diligent and consistently adhere to a high level of conduct, and each member of the SCC community bears responsibility for their conduct and to assume reasonable responsibility for the behavior of others.  There are times when violations occur and in these situations, students responsible for the violation will receive instruction that is fair and consistent. Due process allows all students the right to be heard and for appeal.

The student conduct process at SCC is intended to provide clear guidance to students who violate conduct expectations, to protect the interests of the SCC college community and to provide opportunities for growth and development. Sanctions are intended to challenge students' moral and ethical decision-making and to help them bring their behavior into accord with our community expectations. When a student is unable to conform their behavior to community expectations, the student conduct process may determine that the student should no longer share in the privilege of participating in this community.

The student conduct process is quite different from criminal and civil court proceedings. Student conduct procedures are conducted with fairness to all, but do not include the same protections of due process afforded by the courts. No student will be found in violation of College policy without indication that it is more likely than not that a policy violation occurred and any response or sanctions will be proportionate to the severity of the violation and to the cumulative conduct history of the student.

This page provides an overview of Student Code of Conduct practices.  For detailed information, please refer to the Southeast Community College Student Code of Conduct manual (PDF)