Notification of Outcomes

The outcome of a campus hearing is part of the education record of the responding student and is protected from release under the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), except under certain conditions.

  1. As allowed by FERPA, when a student is accused of a policy violation that would constitute a “crime of violence” or forcible or nonforcible sex offense, SCC will inform the alleged victim/party bringing the complaint in writing of the final results of a hearing regardless of whether the College concludes that a violation was committed. Such release of information may only include the alleged student’s/responding student’s name, the violation committed, and the sanctions assigned (if applicable). In cases of sexual misconduct and other offenses covered by Title IX, only, the rationale for the outcome will also be shared with all parties to the complaint in addition to the finding and sanction(s).
  2. In cases where SCC determines through the student conduct process that a student violated a policy that would constitute a “crime of violence” or nonforcible sex offense, the College may also release the above information publicly and/or to any third party. FERPA defines “crimes of violence” to include:
    1. Arson
    2. Assault offenses (includes stalking)
    3. Burglary
    4. Criminal Homicide—manslaughter by negligence
    5. Criminal Homicide—murder and nonnegligent manslaughter
    6. Destruction/damage/vandalism of property
    7. Kidnapping/abduction
    8. Robbery
    9. Forcible sex offences
    10. Statutory rape
    11. Incest