Classes can be taught at SCC facilities or on site and we can customize our content to meet your specific needs.

Our rotating course offerings include:

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This course uses a practical approach to basic machining, including proper speed, feed rates and machine setups of drill presses, band saws, lathes, mills, and grinders.

No outside projects are used in class. Students who successfully complete this class are eligible to take the advanced machine shop class, where instructor-approved outside projects are allowed.

Prerequisite: Must be currently enrolled in, or have graduated from the SCC Precision Machining and Automation Technology program. All others must get permission from the PMA program chair (Kirby Taylor, before enrolling.

This is a machine shop class designed to enhance individual skills. Students work on their own projects brought from home. Projects also can be supplied by the College to further help student development.

Business & Professional Development Schedule

Business & Professtional Development schedule