Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

Empower yourself

and take control of the tech you use with our digital literacy courses.

Our rotating course offerings include:

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This class is for the beginner. Learn about computer software and hardware devices, mouse and keyboard skills, understand computer files and drives, as well as customizing your computer for increased accessibility.

Learn how to connect to the internet and navigate websites. Understand how to use tabs and favorites as well as search terms and sifting through search results. You also will create shortcuts, and lessons on internet privacy, viruses and email scams.

We will help you get started with how to make an email account and manage email addresses. From there you will learn lessons on email etiquette, email functions, attachments, managing your inbox, and identify spam and phishing emails.

This class will cover lessons on finding and operating Windows programs, managing and operating systems, identifying the function of Microsoft Programs, file storage, storage drives, start menu, and managing apps.

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Northstar Digital Literacy

Southeast Community College is proud to be an approved Northstar Digital Literacy location. Northstar was developed in response to the needs of job seekers who may lack the digital literacy skills needed to seek, obtain and retain employment, as well as to perform other tasks in daily life. Individuals may obtain the Northstar Digital Literacy Certificate when they pass assessments.


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