Design & Layout

Publications specialists can consult with you to determine the best strategy to take to successfully produce your print publication. These professionals ensure that the SCC brand is protected and that style guidelines, which have been developed to protect the integrity of the SCC brand, are followed.

In order to ensure that your project is finished in time to meet your deadline, it's best to consult with our publications specialists as early in the process as possible.

If your communication piece is to be shared with the general public, please contact a publications specialist in the Marketing & Communications Office.

SCC Publications

SCC's publications range from recruiting pieces to annual reports. The Marketing & Communications Office provides comprehensive services. These services are communications planning, writing, editing, graphic design/layout, bidding with commercial printers, and proofing. SCC areas are involved every step of the way, from approval of edited and the review of the design/layout through proofreading and final approval.

Following are some examples of publications in which the Marketing & Communications Office is directly involved in producing.