Alumni News

As graduates of SCC, alumni receive a number of lifetime benefits. Those benefits include the processing of transcripts and use of the College's online employment services. Alumni are able to post a resume and search for jobs in the College's extensive employment database in which more and more employers are using. The tool is an excellent way to connect SCC graduates with prospective employers.

SCC alumni are tremendous resources for the College. Not only are they the face of SCC in the workplace, they provide a strong connection to the College that is important in so many ways. Numerous alumni have given back to SCC. A gesture that ensures future students are given the opportunity to attend SCC is the establishment of an endowed scholarship, or by making a contribution to the general scholarship fund. Your contribution will help SCC attract talented students from our 15-county service area and beyond. Your gift is a true testament to your commitment to help students' dreams of a college education come true.

Help Us Find Missing Alumni

Southeast Community College attempts to remain in contact with all graduates of the College. Unfortunately, we have lost contact with some individuals. We rely on the friendships made at SCC to help us find alumni who have moved or changed names over the years, causing us to lose contact with them. If you recognize someone on the list, please use the Update My Contact Information form to give us their updated information or ask them to contact us at  If you recognize someone who is deceased, contact us at Thank you.

Practical Nursing Reunion - Beatrice/Fairbury

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