Sex Offender Registry

The Nebraska Sex Offender Registration Act requires convicted sex offenders to register with local law enforcement officials. Registry information regarding convicted offenders is published in local newspapers and also is available to the public at on the Nebraska State Patrol's Web site.

  1. Institutions, including colleges and universities, are required to monitor the presence of convicted sex offenders at their facilities. SCC officials will routinely receive information regarding sex offenders residing in counties where our campuses are located.
  2. Upon their enrollment for classes each term at any College facility, all sex offenders listed on the public registry are hereby required to contact and register with the Dean of Student Services at that facility. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.
Should you have an interest in accessing registry information while on campus, computers are available in the Library Resource Center at each SCC facility. To report any persons, activities, or behaviors you deem to be suspicious or questionable, please contact the Dean of Student Services at your campus location.
NOTICE: You are advised to immediately contact law enforcement by dialing 911 to report crimes, or if you feel a reasonable threat to your safety and security.