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The photography classes at SCC are comprised of Beginning Photography, Creative Photography, History of Photography, and Photo-Journalism.

The school provides 35mm digital and manual cameras and film to each student. Additional accessories such as tripods, flashes and filters also are available for check-out. Students work in one of two individual darkrooms to develop film and enlarge prints. Our Mac Lab has continually updated software featuring Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Our Lab also includes scanners, standard color printers and an oversize printer (36-inch width supplied with rolls of photo paper for “unlimited” length).

This is a great place for people to see whether they have an interest in photography, or for students who have a general interest in developing their understanding of photography.

“Illuminations” is an arts magazine annually published by SCC.

“Illuminations” publishes creative prose, poetry and visual art, as well as academic and literary writing.  We encourage submissions from across the disciplines. Our mission is to feature outstanding artistic works with a diversity of voices, styles and subjects meaningful to the SCC community. “Illuminations” is further evidence that critical thinking, creativity and expression are valued at Southeast Community College. “Illuminations” is published in the spring of each year. Submissions are accepted year-round from SCC students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
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Carolee Ritter
Dean of Arts & Sciences