Thank You Note Guidelines

Female student using laptop

If you were awarded a scholarship, we recommend you write a thank you note to the scholarship donor. Once your thank you is written, you will submit it to SCC for delivery. If you are not certain how to write a thank you, follow these guidelines: 

  • Whenever possible, personalize your thank you using Dear Mr./Ms.
  • If the donor is anonymous or you don't know their name, use Dear Friend of SCC.

  • Thank the donor for the scholarship - be sure to use the scholarship name
  • Tell the donor about yourself. This may include: 
    • How the scholarship has helped you (and your family)
    • Your program of study
    • How far along you are in your program (ie, 1st semester, 2nd year, etc.)
    • Why you chose SCC
    • Your plans after graduation (ie, career plans or continuing your education)
    • Activities you are involved in at SCC
  • Thank them for their generosity

  • Use a closing such as Sincerely or All the best
  • Sign your name
  • Type your name under your signature if written in a letter or email format

  • Thank yous may be typed or handwritten
  • Emails are acceptable and should be formatted like a letter
  • Store bought blank thank you cards maybe used
  • Make sure handwritten notes are legible

  • Typed letters or emails: email your thank you directly to Please follow this format on the subject line: Thank You - Scholarship Name. 
  • Handwritten thank yous: Place your thank you in an envelope with the name of the scholarship on it and bring it to any SCC Financial Aid Office.