For Teachers, Counselors, Administrators

High School Counselors, Teachers and Administrators

Thank you for supporting your school's involvement with Southeast Community College's Dual-Credit  programs! SCC is committed to working with local school districts to provide students the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school.

In order to better serve schools and students, SCC has grouped together the dual-credit, online, partnership, and Career Academy classes under one roof. A Dual-Credit class simply means that a high school student will be taking an SCC class, and the class may be offered on-site, through distance learning, or online.

The Dual-Credit staff are available to help school districts in the 15-county SCC region and their students take advantage of the many opportunities to earn college credit (and in some cases, high school credit as well).

High School Teachers

If you interested in starting a NEW Dual-Credit course at your school, please contact your SCC Coordinator.

For more information about meeting the minimum requirements to teach college level courses, please contact Caleb Berg with any individual questions you may have.

Please consider Southeast Community College as your post-secondary partner for dual-credit, college credit, online, partnership, and Career Academy classes.

Dual-Credit classes are a great benefit to your students as SCC can help them get a head start on their degree (65% off tuition), introduce them to college-level rigor, and help them make the transition from high school to college.

For more information, contact Caleb Berg with any individual questions you may have.  

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