Doane University to Offer Lincoln-Based Undergraduate Programs at SCC

Starting in July 2024, Doane University will lease classroom and office spaces to begin offering Doane’s Lincoln campus undergraduate programs at Southeast Community College’s (SCC) campus, 88th and O Streets. The first term of course offerings at the SCC location will be Doane’s Winter 1 term which begins October 14, 2024.

“With many of our Lincoln undergraduate students completing associate’s degrees from Southeast Community College, it’s a natural move to offer them the opportunity to continue their education through a bachelor’s degree at a convenient location they’re already familiar with,” said Dr. Lorie Cook-Benajmin, Chief Academic Officer.

Additionally, Doane and SCC have had an institutional agreement since fall 2022 that enables a seamless, cost-effective transition for students who have completed their associate’s degrees to transfer those credits into a Doane program.

“We see this collaboration as an extension of the Associate’s to Bachelor’s partnership we currently have with Doane University. It’s an opportunity for us to strengthen our partnership, expand opportunities in our communities, and empower students to further their education at the same time,” said Dr. Bev Cummins, vice president program development, Lincoln Campus executive director and interim vice president for access, equity, diversity and compliance at Southeast Community College.

Doane will continue to offer graduate programs on its Lincoln campus at 52nd and O Streets. As the university prepares for this exciting new chapter, students, faculty and staff are looking forward to the possibilities the new collaborative space will bring. The move is a reflection of the institution’s dedication to excellence and its ongoing commitment to educating the next generation of leaders in a dynamic and stimulating academic environment.

“Like many institutions, we’ve considered how best to meet our students where they are,” Cook-Benjamin, said, “And this is a move that brings the student experience to the forefront for both Doane and Southeast Community College.”

The Doane programs that will be taught at SCC’s Lincoln campus include: 

  • Accounting
  • Agribusiness 
  • Business Administration
  • Computing 
  • Human Relations 
  • Liberal Arts Studies

Jennifer Snyder
Communications Specialist


Crystal Hollmann
Director of Marketing
Doane University